Mfg. of Adhesives & Textile Auxiliaries
Wood Adhesive - SUPER

FIX-O-COL SUPER is a result of modern wood adhesive technology. It gives heat and water-resistant strong bonding property. It is polyvinyl acetate based milky white emulsion. It is ready to use glue for bonding wood, veneer, wooden particleboards, Formica, thermoco I etc.

  • For Wooden joints in furniture industries.
  • Wooden doors& VVindows.
  • To Bond wooden Particleboards, thermocol etc.
Benefits & Features:
  • It gives higher coverage with strong bond.
  • Economical in large area applications by roller or brush.
  • Water and heat resistant.
  • It has highly dura ble bonding property.
  • Easy and smooth in application.