Mfg. of Adhesives & Textile Auxiliaries
Wood Adhesive - POPULAR

FIX-0 -COL POPULAR is poly vinyl acetate honnopolymer based economical wood adhesive. It is well accepted in furniture industries. It is useful to bond wooden frames at corners, wood particleboards, veneer and otherwood furniture parts.

  • Wooden frames joints in doors and windows.
  • Suitable to bond wood particleboards, veneers, thermoco I and other furniture parts.
  • It is suitable for plywood, wood plank and bonding of decorative materials.
Benefits & Features:
  • Super quality wood adhesive at very economical price.
  • As economical in price it reduces the furniture cost.
  • It gives large coverage area with strong bonding property.
  • It is economical in brush or roller application by good coverage.
  • Long lasting bonding strength.