Mfg. of Adhesives & Textile Auxiliaries
Paper Lamination Gum - PLA 444

FIX-O-COL PLA-444 Paper Lamination gum is co polymerization of vinyl acetate and special monomers, which gives extra ordinary bonding between BOPP film and paper. It gives excellent adhesive to various substrate like Paper, BOPP, Glasswool etc.

  • It is highly suitableto laminate BOPP film on paper.
  • It bondsGlasswool on alluminium foil in insulation industries.
  • It is used in modern offices where PVC is bond to Alluminium Laminated Plasticfilm and Gypsum Boards.
  • Also useful to bond PVC to paper board or paperto paper.
Benefits & Features:
  • It gives extra ordinary coverage.
  • It is a multipurposeadhesive.
  • Economical in long run.
  • It gives long life bonding.